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B A C K    O F F I C E    S U P P O R T

RIA Innovations provides help with all the details including submitting and tracking transfers, performance reporting and posting, fee billing, and much more. As with all services, you choose just what you need from our à la carte menu. Our highly qualified back office team will work with you in all facets of the transition.


We utilize state of the art technology tools to facilitate the workflow between the advisor’s office and our back office team. This ensures fluent communication between the client and the back office. It also helps keep everyone on the same page and on track. Once the onboarding process is complete, a relationship manager is assigned to your firm for day to day task requests.



Portfolio management software


Cloud based document storage


Customer relationship management (CRM)




Experienced conversion team



Dedicated relationship manager to perform day to day task requests



Client billing



Ongoing account service calendar



Training & support on RIA Innovations and custodian procedures



CRM data migration



Telephone & remote login support for back office system

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