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Nelly Mubashi Named Chief Executive Officer of NWAM, LLC

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2020, Nelly Mubashi will serve as CEO of NWAM, LLC dba

Northwest Asset Management, dba RIA Innovations.

In 2008, Nelly along with former CEO, Greg Headrick, established NWAM, LLC.

With their combined experience of twenty‐one years in the financial industry at

the time, Nelly and Greg developed a strong understanding of what is required to

run a successful registered investment adviser (RIA) firm. What started out as an

RIA managing $150 million, quickly grew into a firm servicing over $3.4 billion in

client assets.

Investment advisor representatives (IARs) that are registered with Northwest

Asset Management are provided with the infrastructure and resources they need

to service their clients. RIA Innovations, on the other hand, caters to registered

investment advisory firms (RIAs) that want to run their own business but don’t

necessarily have the tools needed to accomplish that. The services provided by

RIA Innovations include back office support, compliance, technology, asset

management, virtual support, business continuity and marketing & branding.

Throughout her time at NWAM, LLC, Nelly has had many accomplishments,

including building and growing a team of people to provide excellent service and

helping to shape the firm into what it is today. In addition to the significant firm

growth that NWAM, LLC has experienced, Nelly is proud to lead a firm with a 25%

women advisor representation which is uncommon in this industry. The goal over

the next five years is to double this percentage.

“I love working at a place where everyone works hard to make the lives of our

clients better. I want to thank our amazing staff for all the many accomplishments

our business has achieved. Our team not only makes my job easier but works hard

to maintain a high level of client satisfaction and retention.”


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