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Choosing a technology provider that will allow for the specific vision you have for your business is essential. RIA Innovations has experts that have been in the technology industry for over 30 years. Our team delivers proven, time-tested solutions that allow advisors to build an office anywhere - home, business suite, or on the road. Our services range from a simple help line for your existing technology platform to complete hardware, software, and systems training and support.


RIA Innovations offers three different levels of services:


  • Hourly - available for all services

  • Long-term contract - hire us to support your existing services

  • Technology package - proven and tested turn-key solution that includes all products and services

Some advisors prefer to buy their own products/services and hire us for specific services. However, it is very common for them to run into issues with getting their business set up. This takes additional time and time is money.

The best value may be the technology package. It comes with everything you need and we’ll also get you fully set up.

Another great benefit of our technology package is that if any of the hardware we provided to you breaks down or is destroyed, we will ship another product to you overnight. We’ll even get everything set up for you again so you can get back to dealing with what really matters.


IT consulting and services are also available for non-advisory services through RIA Innovations at a discounted hourly rate. Please see tech list on the links to the right for a detailed information on what is covered.


IT support 






Productivity software 



Anti-virus protection



Cybersecurity guidance



Performance file history conversion (May be additional fee)

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