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John Cassidy

Director of Technology

John began working in the computing technology business in 1986.  John spent the early part of his career in systems and network design & integration helping Seattle-area firms adopt newer, personal computer-based technology as they transitioned from mainframe and minicomputer platforms.  In 1990, John took a year off to earn his Master’s degree, writing his thesis on “Adaptive Technology for the Visually Impaired”.  In 1996, John started his own business specializing in helping small businesses adopt new computing technology.  In the leadup to the new millennium, many financial firms were in need of preparing their systems for the year 2000 and beyond.  Now a veteran of the “Y2K experience”, John turned his technology consulting focus towards financial advisory firms.  John was introduced to NWAM, LLC at the firm’s inception and continued to provide outside technology consulting services until 2015 when he joined NWAM, LLC fulltime in order to further enhance the firm’s computing technology platform.


John loves spending time with his wife and 3 daughters and counts his hobbies as: hiking, gardening, playing guitar and saving the world in a variety of video games.

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John Cassidy
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