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Firm News – Seattle Dances Competition

Well, this is different news than our usual news but here it goes!

Nelly will be competing in Seattle’s own Dancing with the Stars to support a local nonprofit’s (Plymouth Housing) efforts to house the homeless.

In 2020, Plymouth served 1,200 individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness by providing them with safe, permanent, supportive housing. That’s a lot of people who’ve been given not only a home, but a community, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives. This event bankrolls that effort.

The competition will be streaming right to your living room from Fremont Studios. I guarantee that you’ll know many of the other dancers, and that you’ll be impressed with the exciting, fast-paced program.

So how can you help? Consider supporting Nelly’s efforts, and Plymouth Housing, by doing one (or all!) of the following:

  • Purchase an experience package to get in the Seattle Dances spirit on March 13th! Pick the tier that works for you, whether that's a cocktail kit or a 3-course meal for two! Click here for more info:

  • Vote for Nelly! This event is a fundraiser after all, and there are trophies awarded for the dancer who raises the most money and has the most individual donors. Your support helps bring Nelly closer to winning one of these coveted mirrorball trophies, and helps Plymouth’s mission, so vote here!!/donation/checkout

  • And of course, save the date and tune in to watch Nelly’s big performance on the evening of March 13th! More details to come.

Our firm will be supporting the fund-raising efforts by matching your donation dollar for dollar up to $30,000. One vote equals $1 and she needs as many votes as you can give! Voting is already open and will run through March 13th.

Your donation is tax deductible and it goes directly to the nonprofit. You can learn more about the event by going to:


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