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A S S E T    M A N A G E M E N T

Our Asset Management services provide outsourced expertise in support of the investment solutions you provide to your clients - from investment selection, portfolio construction, trade execution, and account oversight.

We respect that there are different ways that Advisors may develop and deliver portfolios that are suitable for their clients. We can support an advisor’s pre-existing unique approach, or we can help advisors refine their client portfolios and/or trading disciplines to better address evolving needs and criteria.

  • We offer Portfolio Consulting Services, through which we provide investment research and due diligence, model portfolio development,  white-label thought-leadership, and consulting support across the spectrum of investment topics and considerations.


  • Our Trade Execution Services offer systematic model-based implementations, rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, cash management and account maintenance and monitoring.


  • We also offer Strategic Managed Portfolios for various account types and sizes. These strategies combine our core competencies in portfolio construction and trading.


RIA Innovations’ Asset Management Services are segmented and can be contracted either individually or in any combination.

NWAM, LLC dba RIA Innovations does not provide tax advise. Please advise clients to consult their tax professional before making any investment decisions.


Portfolio Consulting Services​

  • Independent Investment Research

  • Model Portfolio Development

  • Ad hoc Consulting or Regularly Scheduled Meetings


Trade Execution Services

  • Model-based systematic implementation, rebalancing, and cash management

  • Advisors' Models or Third-Party Models

  • Tax Considerations & Asset Location


Strategic Managed Portfolios

  • Strategic allocations across the spectrum of risk tolerances

  • Core, Tax Aware, and Customized Tax Aware

  • Simplified allocations for smaller accounts


Portfolio Consulting


Trade Execution

Research Subscription

Strategic Managed Portfolios

Our Portfolio Consulting Services are customized to your practice’s needs and objectives. It is this adaptive approach that distinguishes us from the many standardized OCIO (“Outsourced Chief Investment Officer”) services offered by others.

We can help you refine your pre-existing disciplines and upgrade your client portfolios to better address evolving needs and criteria. We support multi-asset class model portfolio development, including strategic asset allocation, investment selection across asset classes, and Asset Location consulting. We can also help you with client communications that complement your investment approach, and contribute to your differentiation, client education and business development.

We provide consulting support across the spectrum of investment topics and considerations. And we can deliver our services to you and your practice in a manner and schedule that best suits you and your team’s workflow.

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Analyzing Data

P O R T F O L I O   C O N S U L T I N G   S E R V I C E S

Portfolio Consulting Services

Our proprietary research is included with our Portfolio Consulting Services, or may be subscribed to independently.

  • Our published research are all about simplifying the complicated - the most relevant data, with less noise, and succinct commentary.

  • Subscriptions provide for standard customizations of our monthly Market Monitor and Quarterly Market Guide to subscriber’s primary brand color, logo, and contact information.

  • Also included are quarterly updates of our proprietary Fund List – carefully screened, monitored, recommended ETFs and mutual funds across asset classes.

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R E S E A R C H   S U B S C R I P T I O N   S E R V I C E S

Research Subscription Services
Financial Data

T R A D E   E X E C U T I O N   S E R V I C E S

Our Trade Execution Services support model-based portfolio management, including implementations, periodic rebalancing, and systematic cash management (i.e., with one-time or periodic deposits or withdrawals). Our Advisor clients can direct the trading of their client accounts’ or can delegate to us subject to specific guidelines provided and predefined tolerances.


We can apply advisors’ models, custom models developed with our Portfolio Consulting practice, and/or third-party models. We can implement and maintain assigned model portfolios at an account or household level. With household level management, we can support Asset Location considerations. In addition to periodic tax loss harvesting, we can also implement tax sensitive transitions of non-model holdings.

Trade Execution Services

Studies repeatedly document that most active fund managers underperform their benchmark. Similarly, most active portfolio allocation strategies consistently underperform simple blends of the major asset class indexes of stocks and bonds held through a full market cycle.

Our sub-advised Strategic Managed Portfolios provide low-cost access to the Efficient Frontier of global equities and U.S. investment grade bonds allocated strategically to serve clients through market cycles.

  • We offer allocations across the spectrum of risk tolerances, utilizing carefully selected low-cost ETFs that we deem to have best-in-class characteristics

  • These portfolios offer disaggregated allocations which accommodate beneficial periodic rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, as well as precision in the consideration of preexisting legacy / low-basis holdings

  • We offer Core, Tax Aware, and Customized Tax Aware versions, as well as simplified allocations for smaller account sizes

More detail on these strategies is presented in our Fact Sheet, available with the adjacent link.

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S T R A T E G I C   M A N A G E D   P O R T F O L I O S

Strategic Managed Portfolios
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